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Fitness Tips

Move your body everyday of the week
Give up soda and juices with lots of sugar
Keep a food journal on paper online or with an app
Thoughts are powerful pay attention to yours
Eat foods that are closest to their natural state as possible
What story does your body currently tell about you
Eat alkaline promoting foods
Add protein to smoothies
Find a form of exercise you enjoy
Reduce the amount of processed and packaged foods you consume
Add some muscle building activities to your weekly workouts
Keep in mind that striving for perfection usually leads to disaster
Dont DIET Reverse the letters in the word and EDIT what you eat
Take one day a week for active recovery
Select healthier choices to have on standby
Follow the 80 by 20 rule
Shop the perimeter of your grocery store
Weigh yourself often to keep your weight at the top of your mind
Get an accountability partner for exercise and weight loss support
Create a fail safe environment
Workout in the morning
Display your results
Schedule exercise like an appointment
Make a list of positive affirmations that work for you
Think two pounds at a time
Eat smaller portions
Equip yourself with healthy products to support your healthy lifestyle
Eat slowly
Celebrate small wins
Creating muscle is the secret to a revved up metabolism
There s no such thing as cheating
Put yourself first
Eat mindfully
Never go more than two days in a row without exercise
Swap a bad decision with a good one
Stop eating when you are satiated and not stuffed
Make sure you have goals
Dont start and stop just keep going
Make an irritation list
Buy a journal
If you have a desk job consider a standing workstation
Set rules that work for you
Make a list of bad habits you are willing to give up
Drink more water
Change your limits and surprise yourself
Dont chase perfect chase perfectly healthy
It takes a deficit of 3500 calories to lose one pound
Ramp up the intensity on your workouts
Read other success stories as motivation
Keep in mind that people have a tendency to underestimate the calories they consume and overestimate the calories they burn
View each day as a clean slate
Active and Busy are not synonymous
Curb cravings
Zip it up
Make a stop doing list
Find music that motivates
Dont compare yourself to others it only puts you in a negative mindset
Try yoga
Get enough sleep
Take before and after photos of yourself
Follow me
Load up your Pinterest page with healthy recipes
Eat more greens
Use consistency to compound your results
Circuit training helps your burn calories and increase muscle
Aim to eat five servings of fruits and veggies daily
Use Fitness Apps to never feel alone again
Follow me on Twitter
Plan ahead
Have healthy snacks on hand solution for the munchies
Commit to a 5k to motivate you to train
Be prepared for the morning frenzy
Ramp it up slowly
Dont try fads and gimmicks
Ditch excuses
Dont expect the weight to come off fast
Realize exercise and your diet are married
Same habits equal same results
Watch your portions
Make a green smoothie for breakfast
Find a healthy substitute for your most tempting food
Monitor your fitness
Dont overdo it on cocktails
Dont go to parties hungry
Interval train
Develop a positive attitude
Be prepared for busy
Aspire to eat clean
Eat healthy not perfect
Go healthy first
Indulge once a week
Empower yourself with exercise
Track triggers
Cook at home more
Cross train
more meditation and less medication
Plug into gratitude
Drink lemon water first thing in the morning
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