essential tips for job success

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Find your niche

Essential Tips For Job Success

Essential Tips for students Job Search Success.
Find your niche

It is not a secret that this is your time Sure, you have goals and you take your responsib ilities seriously, but the undergraduate year s are perfect times for you to explore different opportunities a nd try new things. Ne ver tried crew but always thought it looked like fu n Want to act in a play Why not direct one How about ballroom dancing? And then there s fencing, music, dance, writing for the school paper or literary magazine, tu toring, becoming a peer counselor or participating in some of the countless ot her activities that are at your disposal.

Phone Prep
Identify your skills values and interests
Build friendships
Find and prepare your study space
Networking in Person
Negotiate Your Benefits and Pay
Explore your new environment
Accept the Job with Class
Start early
Be Discreet
Meet the players
Get Off To a Good Start
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