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Way To Wakeup

Do not make drastic changes
Sleep earlier
Put your alarm clock far from your bed
Force yourself to go out of the bedroom as soon as you shut off the alarm
Find something pleasurable to do when you wake up
Take advantage of the extra time
Enjoy the break of dawn
Go To Bed And Get Up At The Same Time Every Day
Give A Promise To Wake Up Early
It Takes 3 Weeks To Make A Habit
Let The Music Wake You Up
Take A Nap In The Afternoon
Sleep With Fresh Air
Ask Someone Who Wakes Up Early To Wake You Up
Create A Reward System For Yourself
Do Not Eat Before Going To Bed
Have Something Important To Wake Up For or a good reason to wake up
Use Multiple Alarm Clocks
Practice Waking Up
Create a morning ritual that is easy to follow
Avoid Alcohol Tobacco And Caffeine
Use a glass of water
Do not sleep in for long hours in the weekends
Start Your Morning With A Puzzle
Create right associations
Track Your Early Wake Up Progress
Understand Sleep Mechanics
Advertise Your Early Wake Up Habit
Wake Up And Smile
Start Your Day Well
Wake Up With the Sun
Avoid Sleeping Pills
Strike with Overwhelming Force
Change your sleeping pattern in one day
Set Your Alarm for Bedtime
No Snooze Ever
Remove the option completely
Have a similarly motivated buddy
Make your bedroom a partner
Dress right at night
Sleep happy
Get extra clothes ready for waking up
Get into a routine at night that winds you down
Do not go on the computer
Eat a bit of yogurt
Hot or Cold shower
Prepare for tomorrow morning
Stop Believing The Myths
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