tips to feng shui your home

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Is a diningroom rug a feng shui requirement

Tips to Feng Shui Your Home

Is a diningroom rug a feng shui requirement

Its an individual choice In feng shui rugs are grounding; a rug makes a dining room feel more intimate and encourages conversation But if you have kids a rug might not be practical

Keep your toilet lid down
Cover up the TV in your bedroom
What about the windows
Does the round table rule apply here
Is it true that you shouldnt store anything under the bed
Arrange your key pieces of furniture in theempoweredposition
Live with what you love
What else do you think about when you use feng shui in a living room
Where is your bed located
Can one side of the bed be against a wall
It seems like there are a lot of rules about the bedroom
What if you like uncovered windows but your view is of a brick wall or your neighbors rusty swing set
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