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Ways to Overcome Anger

Look Up
What Do You Want
Finding the Light
Circle of Influence
Gratitude Exercise
Breathing Relaxation Techniques
Snap a Rubber Band
Identify and Eliminate Your Triggers
Identify What Anger Brings
Seek Closure Solve the Problem
Allow yourself to feel angry
Make a conscious choice to sit with the feeling
Feel the anger in your body
See this as an exercise in self soothing
Commit to acting without seeking retribution
Check in with your mood before the incident
Ask yourself Why is this bothering you so much
Take a projection inventory
Journal about it
Put it in a letter
Respond without Anger
Use I feel language
Resist the urge to unload all your unspoken grievances
Stay open to the other persons perspective
Focus on creating a solution
Learn what you value
Learn what you need
Learn how to communicate clearly
Learn how you can improve your response to anger going forward
Learn what youll do differently in the future
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