weird plants

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Hydnora Africana

Weird Plants

The weirdest plants are ones that grow in faraway places like the island of Madagascar off the east.
Hydnora Africana

This looks like it could be found on a different planet in a sci-fi movie. Then again, what science fiction writer could create such a monster? This grows completely underground except for the flower (flower) that has such a distinct shape. It is shaped like that in order to maximize the ability for hairs on the flower to direct beetles to its unpleasant center. Why would beetles want to go near that? Well, because it smells like poop. The dung beetle is attracted to it, and many a dung beetle have been trapped in the center. I know what youre thinking. Cydro, will you lay off with the carnivorous plants? Well, it doesnt even eat them. It traps them until the flower is completely mature. The flower then releases all the beetles with so much pollinating and reproduction potential. The male and female Hydnoras have different receptors for this pollination, so the beetles have to come across another Hydnora for it to work.

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