rules to play horseshoes

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Rules to play Horseshoes


The stake is the target at which the shoe is pitched. Each stake shall be centered between the platforms with a minimum of 21 inches from the stake to the front and back of the pit. On regulation courts the stakes are 40 ft. apart. This is measured from the front of each stake level with the pitching platform. Stakes shall be 1 inch in diameter and may be made of cold rolled steel, mild iron, soft metal or synthetic material. Each stake shall be no shorter than 14 and no higher than 15 inches above pit level and they shall both have an approximate 3 inch lean toward each other.

Play of the game and value of the shoe
The courts
Tournament play
The horseshoe
Multiple courts
Imaginary stakes
Pitching distances
Altered shoes
Pit preparation and maintenance
Pitchers box
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