rules to play horseshoes

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Pitchers box

Rules to play Horseshoes

Pitchers box

The pitchers box is the square 6 ft by 6 ft area at each end of the court. It is composed of 2 parts 1) the pit, and 2) the pitching platforms.
a. PIT The pit is a rectangular area filled with the substance onto which the shoes are pitched. Its maximum length (in the direction in which the shoes are pitched) is 72 inches and its minimum length is 43 inches. Its maximum width is 36 inches and its minimum width is 31 inches. The pit must be centered in the pitchers box. If the pit is less than the maximum dimensions, the extra space shall be filled with the same material of which the platforms are made, or some other material different than the pit substance, and shall be level with the pit and platforms.
b. Pitching Platforms The pitching platforms flank the pit to its left and right sides and are parallel to each other. They shall be level with each other and to the top of the pit. They shall be 18 to 20 1 2 inches wide (depending upon the width of the pit) and shall be a minimum of 6 ft. long.

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