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81. Lifting mood Drink lemon balm tea
Try lemon balm tea, which is known to reduce anxiety, for its calming qualities. (Avoid in pregnancy.)
82. Lifting mood No technology day
A survey of 1,500 men and women found that the more time they spent at a computer, the more depressed they were likely to be. If technology overload is causing you to feel stressed or affects performance and decision-making, set limits for time spent online, telephone rather than email, and set aside time for socializing and destressing. Have one technology-free day a week.
83. Lifting mood Quick fix flowers
Bach Flowers Rescue Remedy is a must for destressing in situations of shock or when you need instant results. Place 4 drops in a glass of water and sip until symptoms subside. In extreme cases place the four drops directly on the tongue.
84. Lifting mood Embrace your rage
Give vent to feelings of anger in a positive way and you are less likely to suffer from depression and anxiety, studies suggest. Holding in emotions may increase levels of stress hormones in the body. Use anger as a tool for positive change in life or relationships, and address the issues that cause it. When you're over the outrage, express the depth of your feelings honestly, and state what needs to change, listing the consequences if nothing does.
85. Lifting mood Write a letter
If a death has brought about unresolved issues or regrets, write a letter or an email to the deceased. If it helps, put it in the mailbox or send it into cyberspace.
86. Positive thinking
Optimists live healthier, more fulfilled lives than pessimists. They also live longer than people who see their glass as half empty. But modern, busy lives seem to mitigate against contentment: we are perhaps too bombarded by demands to appreciate the happiness of the present moment.
87. Positive thinking Flower power for optimism
The best Flower Essence to promote optimism is the Australian Bush Flower remedy Sunshine Wattle. It is a good choice for people who take a grim view of the future because past events have been difficult. Take 7 drops every morning and evening for two weeks. Chrysanthemum from the Flower Essence Society range supports those having difficulty accepting aging. Place 2 drops in a glass of water and sip four times a day, or as necessary.
88. Positive thinking Laughter benefits
Laughing helps blood circulate more effectively. Increased blood flow means more oxygen and nutrients where they need to be. Hit a comedy club or watch reruns of comedy classics on TV.
89. Positive thinking Manage anger
Anger increases risk of suffering an injury or accident, suggests research. It is also a risk factor in reduced immunity, stroke, heart, and circulation problems. If you are prone to anger enroll on an angermanagement course and keep a diary listing triggers, reactions, and remedies.
90. Positive thinking Look in on yourself
Try to see yourself from the perspective of someone looking in on your life. Refer to yourself in the third person. Does she enjoy life to the full? Does he make the most of opportunities? Why does she spend so much time frowning?

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