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121. A good night s sleep Rearrange your diary
If you're not someone who springs into action the moment your lids lift, try not to arrange early morning appointments. Slow brain function can last a full two hours after waking, hindering performance and decision-making, according to a recent report in an American medical journal.
122. A good night s sleep Take a warm bath
Have a warm bath before bed to soothe body and mind: add 10 drops essential oil of lavender mixed into 1 tsp sweet almond oil, or 12 tbsp Dead Sea salts.
123. A good night s sleep Excess weight insomnia
Sleep apnea may affect those who are overweight (untreated, it raises the risk of high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, and liver damage). If you have symptoms such as daytime tiredness, snoring, nighttime breathing issues and morning headaches, go and see your doctor.
124. A good night s sleep Practice restful yoga
In a study by Harvard Medical School women slept more than half an hour longer following 10 weeks of bedtime yoga that focused on meditation and breathing. Follow the instructions for the resting supported bridge pose by raising your hips on yoga blocks as you let the whole body relax for a better night's sleep.
125. A good night s sleep Don t just lie there
If you have trouble dropping off or wake regularly during the night, don't lie in bed for more than 20 minutes. This can send stress levels soaring and fix associations between bed and lack of sleep. Instead, get up, leave the room, sip camomile tea, and read a dull book. As soon as your eyelids start to droop, head back to bed again.
126. Community spirit
People who surround themselves with a community of friends, family and neighbors tend to live longer. Establishing good bonds with those around us promotes a healthy state of mind, which results in enhanced immunity and reduced risk of heart and circulatory problems.
127. Community spirit Don t worry if you hate them
If your circle of family and friends is riven with squabbles and rivalry, you will win in the mental sharpness stakes according to one US study. Be thankful to your difficult acquaintances for that at least!
128. Community spirit Make friends online
Thanks to the internet, we can widen our circle of friends and support networks to encompass the globe. Join chatrooms and converse on message boards with people who share your interests.
129. Community spirit Use support groups
Having an online support community has been found to be especially positive for older people with chronic health conditions. In one study, 74 percent of people who took part in an online diabetes group felt more hopeful about their condition after online discussions. Let this be your stimulus to sign up.
130. Community spirit Flower power
Try these Bach Flower Essences if you find socializing difficult:
  • Beech helps if you tend to be critical of others and avoid people because you feel irritated by them.
  • Water Violet is for self-reliant and private people who find it hard to come out of their shell.

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