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151. Detoxing and relax
After exercising, rest in yoga's supine relaxation pose. This allows the body time for recovery, supporting detoxification.
152. Detoxing Dry brushing
Before a shower or bath dry-brush the skin with a loofah or body brush, making long strokes in the direction of the heart. This boosts circulation and sweeps away dead skin cells. It also acts as something of an antidote to a sedentary lifestyle.
153. Detoxing Clean air plants
Studies at Oslo University found increasing the number of indoor plants in a room reduced headaches and improved concentration. Try the common peace lily, spider plant, and Boston fern. English ivy is recommended as an indoor cleanser to help people with allergies breathe more easily.
154. Detoxing Smoke free home
Toxins from tobacco smoke include the same carbon dioxide as emitted from car exhausts, tars, cyanide, arsenic, and some of the dangerous ingredients found in floor cleaners, paint stripper, industrial solvents, and rocket fuel. These toxins gather in dust, carpets, and soft furnishings. Stop smoking to detox your home.
155. Detoxing Organic only
When detoxing, eat only organic produce to avoid introducing more toxins into your system. This is especially important when consuming fats and animal products.
156. Detoxing Lemon kickstart
Kickstart liver-cleansing by drinking the juice of a freshly squeezed lemon in water every morning before eating or drinking.
157. Detoxing Press the great eliminator
To tone the digestive system and ease head pain, exert firm, circling pressure with the thumb of one hand onto the back of the other, where the base of the thumb and index finger meet. Keep up the pressure for 30 seconds. Repeat on the other hand. Avoid when pregnant.
158. Detoxing Forgiving with flowers
For emotional detoxing, the best forgiveness flower essence is Dagger Hakea from the Australian Bush Flower range.
159. Detoxing Clear out your junk
Hoarders can find themselves holding onto a lifetime's negativity in the form of clothes that no longer fit, incomplete work or studies, treatments for old illnesses, and outof- date foods. Once a year, detox problem areas: beneath the bed and in closets, medicine and filing cabinets, and your kitchen cupboards.
160. Detoxing Explore journaling
When life seems to hit a crossroads, try a journaling exercise. Without thinking too hard or for too long, write about what you want to take into the next phase of your life and list the things you need to leave behind. It might be people, emotions, ways of coping with stress, work, or lifestyle habits. Set aside an hour or so for the exercise.

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