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141. Detoxing Detox with the seasons
In spring and fall, cleanse the liver with the herb milk thistle (Carduus marianus), which encourages liver cell renewal and repair. Take 30 drops of the tincture in water daily, or take capsules as directed for a month or so.
142. Detoxing Weekend nurture
After a period of excess spend a weekend nurturing body and mind. Eat three light meals daily based on plant foods and fish (stop eating before you feel full) and keep well hydrated. Rest (turn off electronic equipment) and focus on destressing activities, such as yoga or meditation.
143. Detoxing Nuke a hangover
Homeopathic remedy Nux.Vomica 30 c is a fantastic hangover cure. It has a particular affinity for the liver, stimulating it to process toxins quickly, so much so it has been known to encourage bad habits (as in “What the hell, I can always take Nux.Vomica in the morning!”)
144. Detoxing Eat and drink well
Build your detox regime around antioxidant fruit and vegetables, whole grains, fish, nuts, and seeds and natural yogurt. Drink at least eight glasses of water daily, supplemented with peppermint, fennel, and camomile teas.
145. Detoxing Encourage circulation
A daily walk encourages circulation and lymph drainage, which is also helped by drinking lots of water.
146. Detoxing Balancing fluids
If drinking more water makes you go to the bathroom more, your kidneys, which are largely responsible for fluid balance, may benefit from a few drops daily (in water) of a tincture of the herb barberry (Berberis vulgaris).
147. Detoxing Lengthening the breath
To rid yourself of toxic emotions, close your eyes and focus on your breath moving in and out. As you relax, notice how your out-breath lengthens naturally. Try to lengthen the out-breath so it is double the length of the in-breath. Imagine exhaling negative emotions as you lengthen the out-breath.
148. Detoxing Passive twisting
Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Take your arms out at shoulder height, palms up. On an exhalation let the knees drop smoothly to the floor on one side and allow them to rest. Take five easy breaths. Inhaling, lift your knees back to the starting position. On an exhalation, drop your knees to the other side and rest, as before.
149. Detoxing Joint circling
To open the body's energy gates at the start of your detox regime, follow this warmup sequence. Start each movement small, then make the action more expansive. Enjoy the feeling of everything moving and shake out each body part afterward.
1. Stand with feet hip-width apart. Raise one foot a little and rotate the ankle clockwise, then counterclockwise. Repeat on the other ankle.
2. Place your hands on your hips and make circles with your pelvis. Move your hands to your knees and make circles in both directions.
3. Now extend one arm fully, as if trying to grow it. Rotate the arm, describing the biggest circle in the air you can. Repeat with the other arm.
150. Detoxing Passive backbend
Roll up a blanket and place it on the floor. Lie on your back with the blanket level with where a bra strap would be, under the lower part of the shoulder blades. Spread out your arms at shoulder height, palms up. Lie in position, breathing, softening your chest and spine.

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