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131. Community spirit Join a craft circle
Keeping the brain engaged and creative juices flowing may be one of the keys to longevity and retaining brainpower. If knitting by the fire seems too tame for you, look out for guerrilla knitters, stitch ‘n' bitch groups, and macramé and mojito nights.
132. Community spirit Don t retire early
Resist the urge to give up your job just yet. People who work beyond the age of 55 seem to live longer than those who retire early, according to a study reported in the British Medical Journal—this may be because working maintains camaraderie, social relationships, and a sense of purpose.
133. Community spirit Eat locally
Not only do you benefit the countryside if you “eat your view,” but spending on local food also keeps money in your community.
134. Community spirit Photo therapy
Research suggests we gain in positivity from simply looking at photographs of loved ones.
135. Community spirit Make friends in faith
If your friendship group is faithbased, add points to your youthful quotient: one study found attending religious services lowered anxiety and stress, adding seven years to life.
136. Community spirit Volunteer today
Giving up precious time to do something kind or helpful to others advances longevity, studies reveal.
137. Community spirit Talk to someone new
Once a week start a conversation with someone you usually ignore— the checkout girl or the bus driver. Think about how it enhances life.
138. Detoxing
Good health depends upon the liver, the body's main organ of detoxification. But liver function declines with age: size and blood flow decrease and the organ finds it harder to metabolize (or process) toxic substances and withstand stress. Since so many body systems rely on the liver, take time to nurture it (and to look after the body's other organs of detoxification: the skin, kidneys, colon, and lungs). Care is especially welcome after a period of overindulgence.
139. Detoxing Herbal cleansing
Dandelion and burdock make a good general detox combination. Use 30 drops of the tincture in water or take capsules, following dosage advice on the pack. Burdock cleanses the digestive system, and dandelion promotes bile flow and is a great liver tonic.
140. Detoxing After illness
For detoxing after taking antibiotics, take homeopathic remedies Sulfur 30 c in the mornings and Nux.Vomica 30 c in the evenings for a week.

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