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11. Stop Smoking Detox with fruit and veg
Not only does smoking create freeradical molecules that prematurely age the body, but smokers also have lowered levels of the antioxidant vitamins needed to mop up the damage. As an antidote, pack your diet with free-radical-busting fruit and vegetables and drink plenty of water to flush away toxins.
12. Stop Smoking Keep your fingers busy
When you just have to do something with your fingers, open pistachio nuts. They are a great snack for the heart, since they contain more cholesterol-lowering phytosterols than other nuts. Greek women swear by worry beads for occupying the hands. Knitting with chunky wool on large needles also brings satisfyingly speedy results.
13. Stop Smoking Herbal help
To support and cleanse the lungs after giving up, take coltsfoot (Tussilago farfara) as a herbal tincture (30 drops daily in water) or as capsules (follow pack directions).
14. Stop Smoking Try acupuncture
Researchers have found acupuncture effective in helping kick the habit. Ask your doctor about referral.
15. Stop Smoking Homeopathic support
Take the remedy Caladium 30 c daily for two weeks after giving up to modify cravings for tobacco. Take Nux.Vomica 30 c daily for two weeks to help the body rid itself of nicotine. If you develop a cough after giving up as the lungs try to drain built-up catarrh, try a daily dose of Pulsatilla 30 c until symptoms ease.
16. Stop Smoking Apples help
Need to put something in your mouth? Try a crisp apple. The tangy freshness can stave off cravings.
17. Stop Smoking Natural painkillers
Light, regular exercise reduces withdrawal symptoms and stimulates natural painkillers. Visit the gym when symptoms seem worse.
18. Stop Smoking Deserving treats
Indulge in other pleasures: read a novel in a hammock, sunbathe for 15 minutes, have a few minutes extra in bed in the morning, or enjoy dark chocolate after dinner.
19. Stop Smoking Savings add up
An Ohio State University study demonstrated that for every year of smoking adults lost around 4 percent of income. Put away the money you save by not smoking then buy something tangible: maybe a new sofa or a truly fabulous pair of shoes.
20. Stop Smoking Keep trying
If you give in, don't feel like a failure. Dust off your self-respect and start over. The average person takes seven goes to give up for life. Zero tolerance of tobacco is essential after giving up. Even after years of abstinence, just one cigarette can trigger cravings. Detox with cruciferous greens to get rid of tobacco toxins in your blood.

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