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201. Keeping a clear head Balancing the brain
To improve focus by enhancing right/left brain function, stand with feet hip-width apart. Raise your right knee and touch it with your left hand, then raise the left knee and touch it with your right hand. Repeat at least 20 times to feel a little brighter.
202. Keeping a clear head Top homeopathic headache remedies
Take these remedies up to three times daily while symptoms are present or for up to two weeks. Stop as soon as you start to feel better or after a week if it has not helped:
  • Take Belladonna 30 c, for throbbing headaches with a sensation of pressure in the head, when any movement makes the pain worse.
  • Try Lachesis 30 c, for premenstrual bursting/splitting headaches, or a headache accompanying a menopausal hot flash.
  • Use Kali-Bich 30 c, for headaches caused by sinusitis where most of the pain is felt in the forehead or cheeks.
  • 203. Keeping a clear head Top homeopathic migraine remedies
  • Iris 30 c is used for neuralgic frontal headaches, often leftsided with nausea and blurred vision.
  • Nat.Mur 30 c is for headaches preceded by visual disturbances (often lightning zigzags before the eyes) and followed by sickness.
  • Sanguinaria 30 c is best for bilious migraines that settle over the right eye and cause nausea and vomiting.
  • 204. Keeping a clear head From head to toe
    The reflex points for the brain and senses are in the toes and so rubbing your toes well and keeping them flexible can help clear the mind and decongest sinuses.
    205. Keeping a clear head Eat chillies
    At the onset of a sinus headache, make a salsa with finely chopped hot chillies, onion, tomato, cilantro, and lime juice. Have a good helping to promote blood flow to the sinuses and assist mucus secretions. (A shot of chilli-infused vodka also works well.)
    206. Keeping a clear head Soothing massage
    Head pain may result from tension in the neck and shoulders. The relaxation brought on by a massage, given by someone else, can help. Send your partner on a massage day course or book an appointment with a massage therapist at times of stress.
    207. Keeping a clear head Pain relieving essential oils
    Some essential oils, including lavender, seem to reduce stress triggered by pain. In one study, people who inhaled essential oil of lavender while experiencing pain recalled less discomfort later, and seemed to suffer less anxiety. Place a drop on your pillow or a handkerchief.
    208. Keeping a clear head Lavender therapy
    Rub a drop of essential oil of lavender around the temples and exert pressure on them with index fingers to relieve headaches.
    209. Keeping a clear head Relaxing with eyes covered
    Place firm bolsters beneath your back and head to support your body from the lower back up. Make sure your head stays slightly higher. Wrap a narrow scarf around your eyes. Lie back over the support, legs apart, feet dropping outward. Check through your body for tension. Let go of your jaw and mouth, and feel as if your face is without expression. Rest for 1020 minutes. When coming out, remove the scarf but keep the eyes closed for a few moments.
    210. Keeping a clear head Camomile soother
    Camomile tea can sooth a stress headache. For a sinus headache try ginger tea.

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