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91. Positive thinking Challenge your inner voice
If you have a demon on your shoulder constantly berating you or telling you that you've blown it, change him into a guardian angel who instead brings you more rational and empowering words.
92. Positive thinking Ditch negative stereotypes
If you regard growing older as becoming decrepit, uninteresting, and depressed, you are more likely to age prematurely. Indeed, one study found those who had such negative perceptions experienced hearing decline earlier than those who saw aging as a golden time of positive possibilities.
93. Positive thinking Smile at strangers
Dare to give a stranger a smile, even if you don't feel full of the joys of spring. Studies suggest even pretending to be happy makes us feel joyful and spreading love makes the world a more positive place for everyone.
94. Positive thinking Just play
Find excuses to lose your inhibitions and play: try tag or dressing up with grandchildren, organize softball or volleyball on the beach, throw a Frisbee in the park, hold a Scrabble party with neighbors.
95. Positive thinking Spend time outdoors
Natural light increases serotonin in the brain for instant positivity and stress-reduction. Spend a little time often in the sun, aiming for 10–15 minutes' sunbathing without sunscreen before 11a.m. or after 3 p.m.
96. Positive thinking Count your blessings
At the end of every day think on the good things that happened. On bad days look for silver linings. (The gearbox went? At least it didn't happen on the highway. Your heel snapped? Time for a shopping trip.) Give thanks for blessings daily.
97. Positive thinking Thought affirmations
Hang on to these thoughts: “I can do anything I choose,” “Today I'll eat well and exercise,” “I'm glad I've reached this age; I now have confidence and experience.”
98. Positive thinking Treat yourself
Knock off early when there's good swell if you're a surfer; spend a day clothes' shopping at the start of the season; catch the matinee of a new show. Pleasure is wrinkle-lightening.
99. Positive thinking Savor life
Contemplating death forms part of the world's great religions for a reason: it makes us more positive about living life to the full. One lunchtime, spend time perusing gravestones or sitting in a churchyard in quiet contemplation of the transitory nature of human existence. Before you leave, vow to do something that enhances your life and the lives of those you love.
100. A good night s sleep
While we sleep, organs, bones and tissue repair, and emotions and memories shift from an active to a storage part of the brain, essential for long-term memory. Insomnia is a common concern in later life, especially for women. What keeps us awake? Worry and health problems, according to a telephone survey of 1,000 Americans. And hot flashes.

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