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21. De stressing
We all need a little daily stress to motivate us to get up, and to provide the impetus to tackle challenges. But when stressors are psychological and frequent, and not enough time elapses for the body to recover from its stress responses, well-being suffers.
The beauty and scent of roses help you unwind and keep your baseline stress hormone levels low.
Counter stress caused by sleep deprivation with an afternoon nap.
Borage, a known adrenal stimulant, is great for boosting emotional stamina.
22. De stressing Get moving
A sure way to reduce stress levels is to exercise. Aim for at least 30 minutes' activity a day. Fit people are more resilient to stress, require greater stimulus to invoke the stress response, and return to normal more quickly following stressful incidents.
23. De stressing Act like a woman
Women have ways of coping with stress that reduce negative health consequences. They use “tend and befriend” strategies while men tend to withdraw, act hostile, or resort to alcohol or drugs. This may be why women outlive men by an average of seven and a half years.
24. De stressing Count your hours of sleep
On less than six hours' sleep, the brain seems to release stress hormones. During stressful periods, seek extra sleep in the form of daytime naps.
25. De stressing Relax in the bath
Soaking in warm water sedates the nervous system; effects are greater if you add a relaxing essential oil.
26. De stressing Learn to meditate
Meditation can return stress hormone levels to normal, relax muscles, and slow a racing heart. If you can't meditate on a daily basis, try to approach everyday activities in a state of mindfulness.
27. De stressing Herbs for stamina
Stress engages the “fight or flight” mechanism or adrenaline response; over time this exhausts the adrenal glands. The herb borage (Borago officinalis), traditionally given to soldiers before battle to engender courage, is a known adrenal stimulant. On a stressful day take 20–30 drops of the tincture in water to restore emotional stamina.
28. De stressing Try flower essences
Australian Bush Flower Essence combination Calm & Clear suits those who rush around trying to do too much and consequently achieve little. It contains essences to aid concentration, calm a busy mind, and promote mental focus.
29. De stressing Begin chanting
Chanting a mantra seems to help reduce stress, research reveals. Seek out a meditation class based on an Eastern tradition to learn how, or try Sivananda or Kundalini yoga, which teach the techniques.
30. De stressing Learn to pray
Sit or kneel comfortably upright. Adopt your regular prayer position with your hands. Close your eyes and focus on your breath. On an out-breath repeat a prayer or holy word/s that have meaning for you. Repeat the invocation with every out-breath; let it melt away awareness of the body. As you utter the holy words, bring them into your heart, giving up any thoughts or emotions you are holding on to. Let the holy word ignite the spark of divine within.

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