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221. What menopause Leg raising
Lie on your back, side on and a short leg's length from a sofa or chair. Place a belt or long scarf around the foot closest to the support and raise your leg to vertical. Stretch your leg out onto the sofa or chair and relax for a couple of minutes in an easy stretch. Repeat to the other side.
222. What menopause Upavista konasana
Sit with legs wide apart and place bolsters between them. Rest forward with your abdomen supported, adding or removing support for comfort. To come out, inhale and raise the trunk carefully. Bring your legs slowly back together.
223. What menopause Dandasana
Sit upright on the floor with legs extended in front of you. Try to make your ankles and big toes touch. Press the backs of your legs onto the floor. Take your hands to the floor by your hips and lift your chest. To improve core stability, imagine zipping up a tight pair of pants. Hold for a minute, breathing, and repeat three times.
224. What menopause Janu sirsasana
From Dandasana, bend your left foot in to touch the top of your inner right thigh; let the knee relax to the ground. Place your hands on either side of your leg and tiptoe your fingers forward. Keep length on the front of your body rather than forcing the head down. As you move forward, soften the area between your shoulder blades and don't “hunch” your back. Keep the abdomen soft. Inhale to come back to Dandasana, then repeat on the other leg.
225. What menopause Cooling relaxation
During heated, stressful moments, subside into relaxation with an eye bandage, a cooling pose beneficial during menopause. Before you lie back, place an extra folded heavy blanket across your upper thighs and lower abdomen as a comforting weight.
226. What menopause Avoid excess pounds
Weight gain is a common problem around the time of menopause. In one study, strength training twice a week for 15 weeks helped women significantly reduce abdominal fat and add lean muscle and they didn't diet!
227. What menopause Destress now
A number of studies link stress in the 30s with a more difficult menopause (stress seems to disturb hormone balance). Adopt stressreducing strategies that work for you before menopause kicks in for a more seamless transition.
228. What menopause Eat phytestrogens
Phytestrogens, estrogen-mimicking plant nutrients, have a weak estrogenlike effect in the body and may raise falling hormone levels. In one study, women on a six-week phytestrogen-rich diet reported decreased menopausal symptoms. Food sources include chick peas, lentils, alfalfa sprouts, soy beans or soy milk, and linseed (flax). (Consult your doctor if taking estrogen replacement therapy.)
229. What menopause Antiperspiration body mist
Keep this cooling misting spray in the refrigerator and spray liberally when you feel hot and bothered.
3 drops essential oil of cypress
2 drops each essential oil of coriander and bergamot (FCF grade)
1 tsp sweet almond oil
Drop the essential oils into the almond oil. Stir into a cup of water in a pump-action spray. Shake well before use.
230. What menopause Beauty oils
If skin is acting up, look for beauty preparations that include skinbalancing essential oils of camomile, rose, and sandalwood. Add the same oils to bath-oil blends, too.

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