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211. Keeping a clear head Identify triggers
To identify headache triggers, keep a journal. Record the time of day of onset, the ingredients of recent food and drink, and likely stressors. Look for patterns and discuss them with your doctor, herbalist, or homeopath.
212. Keeping a clear head Chew leaves
Chewing one leaf of the common hedgerow herb feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium) daily is a traditional migraine preventative. During an attack, take 5–10 drops of feverfew tincture in water every 30 minutes to ease constriction of the cerebral blood vessels (often the cause of pain). (Avoid if taking bloodthinning medication, such as aspirin.)
213. What menopause
Falling levels of the hormone estrogen can lead to distressing symptoms, from hot flashes to depression and tiredness. Hormonal changes can begin years before the average age of menopause, currently 48. Yoga can be especially beneficial in beating symptoms.
214. What menopause Don t diet
If you're trying to lose weight, don't diet. When you stop the diet and return to your regular eating habits, the pounds will return. Instead, change your diet for life by building it around whole grains, fish, fruit and vegetables, nuts, and legumes. Don't see any foods as forbidden have a little of what you want now and then, and compensate for it by exercising more or eating healthy food the next day.
215. What menopause Herbal help
The herb Agnus castus can relieve menopausal symptoms, including hot flashes, irregular menstruation, depression, forgetfulness, and high blood pressure. It acts on the pituitary gland to regulate hormone function and can be helpful after a hysterectomy. Take 10–20 drops of the tincture in water daily during the second half of the menstrual cycle.
216. What menopause Homeopathic remedy
Sepia is the mostly commonly used menopausal homeopathic remedy. It addresses “stagnant water,” which means it can relieve symptoms such as hot flashes, poor circulation, headaches, heavy or painful enstruation, and mental confusion. Take Sepia 30 c daily for short periods while symptoms persist.
217. What menopause Visit a homeopath
Constitutional health is a very individual thing: no two people exhibit symptoms of any condition in quite the same way. This is why homeopaths ask many and detailed questions when selecting an appropriate constitutional remedy for a patient. Book a consultation for remedies to match your changing constitution.
218. What menopause Flower remedies
The Australian Bush Flower Essence She Oak is a great hormonal and emotional balance for those going through any hormonal transition, from puberty to menopause. Take 7 drops morning and evening. It has a reputation for enhancing fertility, so take no chances while using it!
219. What menopause Supta baddha konasana
This stress-relieving pose can be of help when everything seems overwhelming. Add firm pillows or folded blankets until your back feels well-supported. Remain in the pose for as long as feels comfortable.
1. Take a pillow and place a small folded blanket or cushion on one end. Sit in front of the other end and place the soles of your feet together, letting the knees relax. If the groin is not comfortable, support your knees.
2. Lie back, with your head supported on the blanket or cushion, and take your arms out to the sides, palms facing up. With your eyes open or closed, breathe deeply into your abdomen and relax.
220. What menopause Find relief with yoga
Follow the sequence of poses set out here and opposite, specially devised to ease you through many of the symptoms of menopause, especially if you can manage a daily practice. These are all suitable for complete beginners. If you are experiencing unusual difficulties contact a yoga therapist.

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