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261. Banishing backache Leg and arm lifting
To strengthen the back, lie on your front with arms extended above your head, forehead on the floor. On an inhalation lift a body part; on an exhalation release it to the floor. Follow this sequence: right arm, left arm, right leg, left leg, right arm and right leg, left arm and left leg, right arm and left leg, left arm and right leg, both arms, both legs, both arms, and both legs together three times.
262. Banishing backache Supported back arch
To relieve fatigue in the upper back, fold a rolled blanket lengthwise and place on the floor. Lie with your back over the blanket (level with your heart). Take your arms apart, palms up. Relax for a few minutes as the back steadily releases. Breathe.
263. Banishing backache Supported bridge pose
To remove tension from the lower back, assemble two or three yoga blocks and a folded blanket. Lie on your back with knees bent, feet flat on the floor. Raise your hips high and slide as many of the supports under your pelvis as you can, soft layer on top. Relax your bottom onto the support, the whole of the sacrum and pelvis supported and lower back free. Lie back, spread your arms, and enjoy.
264. Banishing backache Yoga release
For relief from back pain, try the passive twist, but support your upper body on a cushion.
265. Banishing backache Pressure points
Work on pressure points on the feet can help relieve back pain. In one study, older people treated by a reflexologist had a 60 percent reduction in symptoms of back, hip, and knee pain.
266. Banishing backache Quick reflexology fix
If you can reach your feet, massage the inner arch and heel, and across the ball of the foot and big toe.
267. Banishing backache Find a chiropractor
Chiropractors treat the musculoskeletal system, working largely on the spine to treat the nervous system and promote self-healing.
268. Banishing backache Time for a new mattress
If your mattress is more than eight years old it may be time for a new one. Choose an organic mattress to cut exposure to toxins, and make sure you air it daily and turn it once a month (over and end to end).
269. Banishing backache Heat the back
Applying a heat wrap to the lower back when it is in pain seems to get workers back to work more quickly than doing nothing suggests research. Improvise by lying on a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel.
270. Banishing backache Talking to God
Over 30s with spiritual beliefs are better at coping with chronic illness than those without, suggests research from Johns Hopkins University.

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