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241. Healthy prostate Enjoy a little sun
Research suggests that exposure to UV rays can protect men from prostate cancer and delay its onset by an average of five years. The key factor is vitamin D, created during exposure to the sun.
242. Healthy prostate Chilli cure
In tests with mice, chillies seemed to cause suicide in prostate cancer cells. Use them in fresh salsas and curries, and infuse in olive oil and vodka.
243. Healthy prostate Ketchup time
Lycopene, found in tomatoes, is protective for the prostate. Cooked tomato products contain more useful amounts than fresh.
244. Healthy prostate Yoga posture to boost prostate health
Sit upright with the back of your pelvis touching a wall. If this feels difficult sit on a yoga block or firm cushion (achieving the correct angle on the back helps open the groin). Stretch your legs in front of you and take them as wide apart as you can. Bend your legs until the soles of the feet press together and the knees drop out to the sides. Rest the backs of your hands on your thighs, elbows, and shoulders relaxed, chest lifting. Close your eyes and breathe. To come out, bring your knees together, wrap your arms around them, and squeeze gently.
245. Protecting bones
From the mid-30s, women begin to lose bone mineral density, causing bones to become brittle a condition known as osteoporosis. There are proven ways to reverse this age-related loss: increasing calcium intake is one, and daily weight-bearing exercise is another.
246. Protecting bones Do weight bearing
exercises Bone-mineral density was shown in one American study to be best protected by weight-bearing exercises such as dancing, trampolining, walking, jumping rope, and aerobics.
247. Protecting bones Arm and wrist
strengthener To strengthen the arms and wrists, start in Downward dog. Stretch into your heels and firm the legs. Keeping the arms straight, move your head and shoulders forward until your shoulders are over your wrists. Your body should be rigid, like a plank, with no sags and curves. Spread the hands well and maintain the stretch down the legs and into the heels. Take a couple of breaths and move back into Downward dog, then rest with bottom on heels. Repeat two or three times.
248. Protecting bones Simple strong standing
Stand with feet together, heels, big toes, and ankles touching. Spread your toes. Press down with your heels and lift your knee caps. Roll the inner part of the groin back. Engage your lower abdominal muscles (imagine zipping up a tight pair of jeans). Lengthen the sides of the waist, lift your breast bone, broaden your collar bones, and relax your shoulders. Extend the back of the neck. Standing tall and firm, breathe. Practice this posture when you have to stand for long periods, and when waiting in line or at the water cooler.
249. Protecting bones Tree balance
To strengthen the legs and ankles and bring confident balance, start in simple strong standing. Ground your feet (see No. 372). Keeping your left leg really firm, raise the right foot a little off the ground. Lift it higher (using hands if necessary), placing the sole as far up your inner left leg as you can. Press the foot and the leg toward each other. To keep from wobbling, fix your gaze on an object or place one hand against a support. When you feel secure, stretch one or both arms overhead. The more you stretch, the easier the pose. Breathe. Come out of the pose slowly and under control and repeat the moves with the other leg.
250. Protecting bones Homeopathic health
Try the tissue salts Calc.Phos, Calc. Fluor and Silica to help maintain healthy bones. These low potency homeopathic remedies can be safely taken over several months to prevent or reduce osteoporosis. They work by correcting minor deficiencies in these essential salts, supplying them in an easily assimilated form. Take two tablets up to four times daily.

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