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111. A good night s sleep Restful lavender oil
Store lavender bags between bed linens and put 5 drops of essential oil of lavender on your pillow.
112. A good night s sleep Keep to schedule
Condition body and mind to expect sleep by getting up and going to bed at the same time every day, even when last night was a bad one. Try not to veer more than an hour or so away from routine at weekends.
113. A good night s sleep Invest in blackout blinds
Find curtains that block every chink of light from a bedroom. Close doors and unplug nightlights. The less light in a room, the less the body is prompted to release the adrenaline-like hormone cortisol, which prevents easy sleep. To help you down, spend evenings by candlelight.
114. A good night s sleep Limit caffeine
If you have trouble sleeping, limit yourself to two small cups of coffee a day and enjoy them in the morning: the body can take 12 hours to clear caffeine. After noon avoid coffee, black tea, hot chocolate, and soft drinks.
115. A good night s sleep Relax before bedtime
Don't do things that worry you just before you go to bed—going over finances and paying bills, planning a wedding, arguing with teenagers, watching a documentary about child labor are all anxiety inducers. Opt for a little light cross-stitch or an erotic novel instead.
116. A good night s sleep Power napping
Embrace the afternoon slump in energy levels: it's a perfectly natural dip and is the body/mind's way of making it through a long day. If you can, take a 15-minute nap— this is the best reviver there is.
117. A good night s sleep Top homeopathic insomnia remedies
During a spell of insomnia, take up to three times daily. Stop when you start to feel better or after a week if it has not helped:
  • Arg.Nit 30 c may help break a cycle of sleeplessness maintained by a sense of anxiety (“What if I can't sleep?”) as bedtime approaches.
  • Ars.Alb.30 c is for very restless people who must get up and pace or clean when they can't sleep.
  • Coffea 30 c is for when sleeplessness is a result of excitement or an overactive mind.
  • 118. A good night s sleep Herbal companions
    Look for the herbal combination valerian, passiflora, and scutellaria to promote restful sleep. All are available as teas or can be used in capsule form for a stronger effect (take as directed on the pack). Valerian is a mild tranquillizer but, unlike the drug derived from it, is not addictive. (Avoid if pregnant or taking conventional sleeping medication.)
    119. A good night s sleep Make a soothing herbal sleeping bag
    Follow a recipe from 1606 by placing a couple of handfuls of dried rose petals and 1 tbsp each dried mint and cloves in the center of a piece of muslin. Tie the corners together to secure, then place beneath your pillow.
    120. A good night s sleep Exercise in the morning
    If you have problems going to sleep, don't exercise within three hours of bedtime. Instead, take a morning walk in sunshine: bright light stimulates the production of melatonin which ensures daytime alertness and nighttime drowsiness.

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