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171. Healthy heart Keep the faith
If you have spiritual faith your blood pressure is likely to stay low, regardless of your age and size, found researchers at a university medical center in North Carolina.
172. Healthy heart Acquire a dog
Dog owners are less likely to succumb to heart disease, and heal more speedily from illness and surgery, research suggests. Enjoy the companionship and enforced walks.
173. Healthy heart Get exercise
The hearts of people who exercise show fewer signs of aging. Regular exercise reduces risk of heart attack and stroke, lowers blood pressure, and raises levels of healthy cholesterol. T'ai chi benefits heart health, too, found researchers from Tufts University Medical School, Boston. Improvements in heart health can be measured just three months after starting a program.
174. Healthy heart Start walking
If you hate getting sweaty, be reassured by research suggesting that walking can be as effective in reducing cardiovascular problems as more vigorous workouts. Walking two miles a day reduces heart attack risk by almost a third. Aim to walk briskly for at least 2˝ hours a week. In a study reported in a US medical journal, women who did so gained as many benefits as those who devoted the same amount of time to more aerobic forms of exercise.
175. Healthy heart Look after your teeth
People with gum disease seem to be at higher risk of heart attack according to studies, regardless of their age, weight, or cholesterol level. Use the essential toothcare tips.
176. Healthy heart Find 10 minutes
If you don't have time for a full exercise regime, just do 10 minutes this brings health benefits, though not the full complement of an all-out 30 minute daily training session.
177. Healthy heart Work those calves
Calf exercise acts like invisible support hose, sending blood back to the heart and so relieving (and preventing) varicose veins. Find hills to walk up and perform calf lifts when standing in lines. At your desk flex and extend your feet and, keeping your heels down, lift and lower your toes. Spend time daily with feet raised above your head (resting against a wall or sofa).
178. Healthy heart Eat whole grains
Older adults who eat whole grains seem to be less prone to heart problems—they have less incidence of metabolic syndrome (a cluster of symptoms that make heart attack, stroke, and diabetes more likely) and are less likely to die of cardiovascular disease. Look for amaranth, barley, buckwheat, bulgur, corn (including popcorn), millet, quinoa, rice, rye, oats, sorghum, teff, triticale, wheat, and wild rice.
179. Healthy heart Love fruit and vegetables
Research at Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary in the UK suggests eating plenty of fruit and vegetables may raise levels of salicylic acid (the key ingredient in aspirin, prescribed to people at risk of heart attack). Plant sterols also seem to lower cholesterol levels. A large European study found men who eat foods rich in lycopene (such as tomatoes) reduced risk of heart attack by half. Garlic helps lower cholesterol and blood pressure and makes arteries more elastic.
180. Healthy heart Oatmeal please
Eating oatmeal for breakfast can lower cholesterol levels, suggest studies, and keeps you feeling full enough to resist heart-unfriendly mid morning snacks. Add potassium-rich chopped banana, which helps lower blood pressure.

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