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Try a backstroke first

Learn Swim

Try a backstroke first

Similar to a flutter kick with a minor change, float flat on your back, and do a flutter kick with your legs. With your arms, do the "crawl" motion, lifting one arm straight into the air and keeping it straight as it re-enters the water next to your head. Once it's underwater, bend it to bring it back to a straight position next to your side, and repeat. Alternate arms as you swim, and try to keep your fingers together and your hands as flat as possible.

Try a backstroke first
Try floating on your back or your stomach as you re ready
Try a flutter kick
Don t start swimming in moving water
Try a frontstroke
Try an eggbeater kick
Don t panic
Stay within a depth you can handle
Wear goggles
Try a whip kick
Practice exhaling underwater
Don t swim during inclement weather conditions
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