rules to play flag football

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Rules to play Flag Football


A defensive player may not remove an offensive players flag when the offensive player does not have the ball. Similarly, the defensive player may not remove the quarterbacks flag after the ball has been thrown. Penalty Illegal flag belt removal, 10 yards.
A defensive player may not remove an offensive receivers belt prior to the receiver touching the ball. Penalty defensive pass interference, 10 yards and automatic first down.
A defensive player must avoid running into the quarterback behind the line of scrimmage. If a defender contacts the passers hand or arm, whether or not he or she touches the ball, it is roughing the passer. Penalty 10 yards and automatic first down.
A player may not fasten his or her flags to his or her uniform or belt other than prescribed in the rules. Penalty 10 yards and automatic disqualification. The official will check the flags of each person who scores a touchdown or conversion. Following a touchdown or conversion, if a player removes their flag belt prior to being checked by the official the score will be nullified.
Pushing or chucking a receiver defender is not allowed. Penalty Illegal use of hands. 10 yards.
An offensive player may not dive or hurdle over, through or into an opponent who is on their feet.
Any deadball penalty occuring after a touchdown will be assessed on the extra point. Any dead ball penalty occurring after a conversion will be assessed on the next play from scrimmage at the 15 yard line.
An offensive player may not stiff arm or guard his or her flags by blocking them with their hands or the ball.
When an inadvertent whistle is blown by an official, the ball is dead at the point when the whistle was blown. The team against which the inadvertent whistle was blown has the option of accepting the play or replaying the down.
All players on the field must wear flags. Failure to do so will result in a five yard penalty, if noticed prior to the ball being snapped. If noticed after the ball has been snapped, then the player without a flag belt must be touched with one hand between the shoulders and the knees (after the ball has been snapped, a penalty cannot be assessed).
Spiking Kneeling the ball is considered unsportsmanlike conduct. Penalty 10 yards.
The offensive team is responsible for retrieving the ball after a play. The offensive team, if they choose, may bring the ball into the huddle.
The 25 second clock begins when the official signals ready for play.

Score the flag football game
Form a team
Flag Belt Removal
Equipment and Facilities
Kickoff recovery
Flip a coin to determine which team should start with the ball
Declared scrimmage kick
Start the timer
Forward pass
Kicking the ball
Place the football at the offensive teams 5yard line to start the play
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