rules to play shot put

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Move forward more as you practice

Rules to play Shot Put

Move forward more as you practice

Keep practicing this throw, especially the final delivery of the shot put. Once you can perform a good throw consistently, start pushing off more vigorously during the throw, so your left foot lands as close to the front of the circle as possible. Once you can keep your balance and aim while leaping and turning hard, move on to the glide throw, one of the techniques used by serious competitors.

Spin around on your left foot
Holding the shot put
Grip the shot with your fingers
Stand sideways at the back of the circle
Determine the winner
Put your weight on your back leg
Complete the spin to keep your balance
Kick hard to move to the front of the circle
Hold the shot as usual
Move forward more as you practice
Turn over the back of the circle
Turn your hips and push forward
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