myth about accounting

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Accounting was Discovered by Some Nerdy Guy With a Pocket Protector

Myth about Accounting

Accounting is the measurement, processing and communication of financial information.
Accounting was Discovered by Some Nerdy Guy With a Pocket Protector

Accounting was actually discovered by Luca Pacioli, an Italian Monk. He s commonly referred to as the Father of Accounting. Pacioli founded what s referred to as double entry accounting in 1494. His first accounts detailed the early systems used be Venetian Merchants for accounts receivables and inventories utilizing journals and ledgers. Pacioli uncovered principles and methods which are still used in our financial world on a daily basis.

Technology is Eating Up the Accounting Profession
internet has rendered accountants worthless
Accounting is about math
Accounting is so easy anybody should be able to do it
Accountant equal Tax Preparer or IRS Agent
Accounts are for qualified accountants only
Accountants are introverted or boring
My Accountant Handles That Tax Stuff
I need to spend time to learn Accounting Software
All certified public accountants (CPAs) are income tax experts
Accounting software is simple
Accounting is for Men only
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