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Intrigue and Further Expansion


Akbar also known as Akbar the Great or Akbar I.
Intrigue and Further Expansion

Although he was out from under Bayram Khans control, Akbar still faced challenges to his authority from within the palace. The son of his nursemaid, a man called Adham Khan, killed another adviser in the palace after the victim discovered that Adham was embezzling tax funds. Enraged both by the murder and by the betrayal of his trust, Akbar had Adham Khan thrown from the parapets of the castle. From that point forward, Akbar was in control of his court and country, rather than being a tool of palace intrigues.The young emperor set out on an aggressive policy of military expansion, both for geo strategic reasons and as a way to get troublesome warrior advisers away from the capital. In the following years, the Mughal army would conquer much of northern India (including what is now Pakistan) and Afghanistan.

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