tips to success in online business

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The Network Effect

Tips to success in Online Business

If you want to learn how to make money online, you need to have good business ideas.
The Network Effect

If you want to launch an online business, think twice. It may be worth to launch 5 online businesses at the same time and link them in a network. Maybe your flagship idea will consume most of your focus and resources, but having 2 3 satellite websites projects orbiting the main product will have a bigger impact. Not to mention the learning advantage: you will incorporate much more knowledge from a network, than from a single product.

Set up Your Business Correctly
Social Media Works
Turbo charge your customer service
Get help when you need it
Investors and angels
Be recognizable to your customers
The Measuring Stage
Praise Your Success
The Involvement Stage
Design and build your website
The Excitement Stage
Measure Measure Measure
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