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Try a whip kick

Learn Swim

Try a whip kick

Keep your legs held tightly together from your hips to your knees, and from your knees to your ankles. Bend your knees so that your shins come up to about a 90-degree angle, then quickly bring your shins apart and move them in a circular motion, keeping your thighs together the whole time. Bring your shins back together at the bottom of the circle, and lift them up again to restart the kick.

Don t start swimming in moving water
Get used to floating
Try an eggbeater kick
Never swim in too cold water
Try a flutter kick
Try floating on your back or your stomach as you re ready
Try a frontstroke
Try a backstroke first
Use your arms to come up from the bottom
Stay within a depth you can handle
Never swim alone
Wear goggles
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