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Explore and Learn from Past Actions

Healthy Blood

Explore and Learn from Past Actions

Ate too much, missed your walk, or didnt check your blood sugar? With countless diabetes to-dos, its easy to slip up. Rather than beating yourself up for yesterdays mishaps, misadventures, or didnt-dos, take the opportunity to learn from your past actions as you seek to change your ways for the future.The Science Animals learn quickly. A rat presses a button with its nose and gets a shock. The rats solution? Dont press the button again. Humans dont learn so quickly and arent so simplistic in our actions and reactions.

Focus On Including Protein At Breakfast
Stop Dieting
Stress Less
Check Your Stress Levels
Nibble dark chocolate
Get a better nights sleep
Know That Blood Sugar Response Is Quite Individual
Lose excess weight
Add flaxseeds to food
Cut back on salt
Sleep Well
Eat healthily
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