healthy blood

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Get a better nights sleep

Healthy Blood

Get a better nights sleep

Sleep with earplugs in tonight.Studies suggest that being exposed to noise while youre sleeping may increase your blood pressure as well as your heart rate, so block out any noise.Think about your sleep.Are you waking up tired? Is your partner complaining that you snore a lot? Talk to your doctor. You may have sleep apnea. Studies find that half the people who have the condition, in which you stop breathing dozens or hundreds of times during the night, also have hypertension.

Monitor your blood pressure regularly
Get a better nights sleep
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Put the brakes on smoking and drinking
Eliminate Wheat
Exercise To Burn Off Excess Cortisol
Munch on nutritious snacks
Make Friends With Stevia
Stop Dieting
Consider Supplements
Choose a better beverage
Focus On Including Protein At Breakfast
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