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Focus On Including Protein At Breakfast

Healthy Blood

Focus On Including Protein At Breakfast

If youre only going to do one thing, then make sure to eat some protein at breakfast every morning. Aim for at least 10 gms. If youre in a rush, then a low-glycemic shake with protein, such as the Superfood Protein Blend is a good start. When you get protein first thing in the morning, it sets you up for normal blood sugar for the rest of the day.Some other ideas for a protein breakfast include eggs (poached, scrambled, fried or in an omelette), a nut milk smoothie with berries and hemp seeds, fish, sprouted bread with nut butter, grilled tempeh, and leafy greens - sauteed or in a smoothie.

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Focus On Including Protein At Breakfast
Stress Less
Control your cholesterol
Get moving
Eliminate Wheat
Stop Dieting
Be physically active
Cut back on salt
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