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Step Away From the Tweezers

Healthy Brow

Step Away From the Tweezers

It happens all the time: You go in to just clean things up a bit, but end up going a little (OK, a lot) overboard. Unfortunately, it can take eyebrows anywhere from six to eight weeks to grow out, says Shten so you should try to abstain from tweezing if youre going for a fuller look. Refrain from using hair dyes on your lashes, too they can damage the hair even more.

Eyebrow symmetry
Dont Flake Out
Fill Them in With Powder or Pencil
Grey hairs
Castor Oil
Eyelash curler
Lemon Juice Lime Juice Tea Tree Oil and Coconut Oil
Grow them in rows
Skip the Stencils
False Lashes
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