tips to get ready for group discussion

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Adequate matter/ Subject matter is essential

Tips to get ready for Group Discussion

A discussion group is an online forum for individuals to discuss various topics amongst each other.
Adequate matter/ Subject matter is essential

You should have subject knowledge and be well aware of the latest happenings around you, not just in India but around the world as well. To be in a better position, make sure that you have in-depth knowledge on the subject. Subject knowledge is a compulsions while you are preparing for a group discussion because you will then have the power to steer the conversation to whichever direction you want to. If you can memorize some relevant data, it will be an added advantage.

Make Sure you Read Widely
Listen to the Topic Given During GD Carefully
Positive attitude
Behavioural and personality skills
Gesture Expression
Manage your body language
Keep eye contact while speaking
Be the first and also the Last to Speak
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