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Ayurvedic Medicine


Rose (E), Gulab (H):

Rose petals treat the heart and nerves, and lift the spirits. They have an affinity for the blood and, like all Rosaceae family, have a certain astringency that stops bleeding and reduces inflammation. S´ata-patr? - literally means the 'hundred-petalled'.

Gynaecology Its affinity for the blood and rakta dhatu make it useful in excessive menstrual bleeding, vaginal infections and inflammation. It clears pitta from the uterus and blood and is used in dysmenorrhoea, metrorrhagia, endometriosis and fibroids. It is specific for use in the menstrual cycle, during the final flare of the pitta phase from day 14 to 28, and can help to alleviate PMS symptoms associated with irritability, emotional sensitivity and heat. Its action on s´ukra dhatu enhances sexual desire and fertility. Very useful during menopause with hot flushes; use a rosewater spray for instantaneous cooling. Nerves Rose's nourishing effect on majja dhatu make it useful for nervous depression and anxiety. Its cooling quality can reduce symptoms of high pitta; red tongue tip, agitation, palpitations and headaches behind the eyes. It opens the heart chakra, anahata, thus increasing patience, compassion and love. Skin Roses are a specific for inflamed eyelids. They are a useful face wash for astringing the skin and clearing acne. Also used in inflammatory and suppurating skin conditions; eczema, psoriasis, urticaria, itching and irritation. Digestion Good for ulcers, inflammation, acidity, enteritis and heartburn. Its astringent flavour is useful in diarrhoea from heat (use a high dose). Roses can help with fat metabolism and hence help to reduce blood lipid levels. Reproduction Its calming effect on the emotions and the heart are complemented by its aphrodisiac effect. Its sweet vipaka helps to increase semen, sexual interest and fertility.

Krishna Jiraka
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