rules to play croquet

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Bonus shots

Rules to play Croquet

Bonus shots

The striker earns one bonus shot if the striker ball scores a wicket or hits the turning stake. The striker earns two bonus shots if the striker ball hits another ball a roquet . However, the maximum number of bonus shots earned by a striker is two; there is never a time when a striker is allowed three shots. See the Exceptions section below for examples.
If two bonus shots are scored by striking another ball, the first of these two shots may be taken in any of four ways
From a mallet head distance or less away from the ball that was hit taking a mallet head
From a position in contact with the ball that was hit, with the striker ball held steady by the strikers foot or hand a foot shot or hand shot
From a position in contact with the ball that was hit, with the striker ball not held by foot or hand a croquet shot
From where the striker ball stopped after the roquet.
The second bonus shot after a roquet is an ordinary shot played from where the striker ball came to rest, called a continuation shot .
Bonus shots may not be accumulated. Upon earning a bonus shot by scoring a wicket, hitting the turning stake, or roqueting another ball, any bonus shot previously earned is forfeited. For example, if a ball roquets a ball and in that same stroke the striker ball hits another ball, the second ball hit is not a roquet and remains where it comes to rest with no deadness incurred on that ball .

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