forever young naturally exercise

Forever Young Naturally Exercise

91. Build Exercise into Life Chores as exercise
Energetic car washing forms a valuable part of a home exercise regime. Work at a continual pace until slightly out of breath, stretching, scrubbing, carrying, and pitching buckets of water. Vacuuming adds value when sustained over 10 minutes or more. Use the pectoral muscles in your chest when maneuvering upright cleaners, paying attention to good posture and engaging core abdominal muscles.
92. Build Exercise into Life Creating space
Set aside a dedicated space at home for exercise and meditation. Choose a quiet sanctuary where you feel comfortable and confident. Clear away clutter, then sweep or mop— add 2–3 drops of essential oil of lemon grass or eucalyptus to final rinse water to quicken the senses.
93. Build Exercise into Life Gardening for fitness
Half an hour’s vigorous yardwork digging, mowing, carrying watering cans, forking sacks of manure counts as one exercise session.
94. Build Exercise into Life Turn off the TV
On average people spend four hours daily in front of the TV. Aim to employ your leisure time more actively to contribute to your daily 30 minutes’ exercise. At home declare non-TV days throw a cover over the set if needs be.
95. Build Exercise into Life Ad break squat
Strengthen abdominals and thighs by standing with head, shoulders, and buttocks pressed against a wall, feet a foot or so in front, hip-width apart. Bend your knees and slide down the wall a little. Exhaling, contract your abdominal muscles and tilt your pelvis so your lower back presses against the wall. If you can’t see your knees when you look down, exhale and descend until you can. Aim to hold, breathing evenly, until the end of the ad break.
96. Build Exercise into Life Door jamb stretch
If you habitually hunch forward, collapsing the chest, you prevent a full intake of antiaging oxygen with each in-breath. As an antidote, stand in a doorway. Place your palms and forearms on the door jamb on each side. Without moving your arms, push your chest forward, and step one foot through the door arch. Feel an energizing stretch across the chest.
97. Active in the Office
Muscles that stay in the same position for long hours as they do when you work at a desk without a break eventually weaken and become prone to injury as the body ages. Stretching at your desk helps keep the muscles limber and boosts your productivity by increasing circulation to the brain for a wake-up effect and a shot of feel-good hormones.
98. Active in the Office Sticky reminder
Stick a note on your desk or computer, reminding you to take a break every 20 minutes. Take a few minutes to walk around and stretch.
99. Active in the Office Wrist recovery
After a period of mouse use, circle your wrists inward, then outward. Try to keep the rest of your forearm stationary. Holding your left fingers with your right palm, left palm facing upward, stretch your left arm away, pushing through the wrist and pulling your fingers toward your elbow. Repeat on the other arm.
100. Active in the Office Shoulder rolls
When neck and shoulders feel tense, for instance, after holding a phone in the crook of your neck, scrunch your shoulders up to your ears. Squeeze tightly and hold. Exhaling, let everything go, sighing. Repeat three or four times, then roll your shoulders very slowly up, back, and down. Reverse the action.