forever young naturally exercise

Forever Young Naturally Exercise

181. Hand and Foot Mobility Pencil pickup
With bare feet, practice trying to pick up pencils with your toes only.
182. Hand and Foot Mobility Ankle circling
Holding a wall with your right hand, bend your left knee to lift the leg slightly. Imagine your big toe is a pen and draw a circle the size of a plate on the floor without moving the rest of your leg. Isolate the movement in the ankle joint. Work in the other direction, making the circle as wide as possible. Repeat on the other leg.
183. Hand and Foot Mobility Golf ball roll
Roll a golf ball under your foot for two minutes. This provides the sole of the foot with a great massage and is particularly good if you have foot cramps or arch strain.
184. Hand and Foot Mobility Tennis ball flex
To improve balance as well as flexibility in knees, ankles, and toes, stand side on to a wall and place a small ball, such as a tennis ball, between your ankles. Breathing out, bend your knees and sink your hips, keeping the ball secure and heels down. Inhaling, come back to standing. On your next inhalation rise onto tiptoes, keeping the ball wedged between your ankles. Exhaling, come back to the starting position. Repeat a few times.
185. Hand and Foot Mobility Feldenkrais arm circling
Use this exercise after work to release tension and mobilize the muscles in your shoulders and upper back. Keep your shoulders soft and heavy. When you meet areas of resistance, move extremely slowly to ease out stiffness.
1. Lie on one side with your knees bent up easily and your arms stretched out in front of you at shoulder height, palms together. Support your head with a small cushion, if you find this more comfortable.
2. Breathing naturally, extend the top arm up over your head and around behind your back in a clockwise circle until it rejoins the other arm. Repeat in a counterclockwise direction. Roll over and repeat on the other side.
186. Facial Exercises
Don’t neglect the face in your daily exercise routine. Targeted, precise movements of the 91 facial muscles can keep face and eyes feeling youthfully energized. Aging brings a gradual loss of tone and flexibility in the eye muscles, and signs of stress and tiredness show quickly here. Rejuvenating eye exercises to perform at your desk also demand brain-enhancing concentration.
187. Facial Exercises Clock eye exercise
Keeping your neck long and head still, open your eyes wide and look up. Hold, then look down. Look left, hold, then right. Look to the top left, hold, then bottom right. Look top right, then bottom left. Let your eyes circle an imaginary clock face, first one way, then the other, very slowly and without moving your head.
188. Facial Exercises Blink as you work
Eyes dry out during work at a computer screen because we lose the urge to blink. Cultivate a habit of blinking every time you check your emails. Drink plenty of water.
189. Facial Exercises Wide gazing
Hold your index finger a little way in front of your face. Stare at the finger. Now widen your eyes so the finger blurs. Drop your finger and try to maintain the blurred wide gaze, without blinking. When it slips, replace your finger and repeat.
190. Facial Exercises Eye cupping
Rub your palms together briskly until they tingle. Quickly cup the face and feel energy transfer to your cheeks, forehead, and eye area. Don’t press on your eyelids. Bring your fingers together, open your eyes, and stare into the darkness of your palms without blinking while taking long, deep breaths.