forever young naturally exercise

Forever Young Naturally Exercise

231. Youthful Spirit Think the impossible
What did your face look like before your parents met? This is an example of a Zen koan, an unfathomable mental question which has no answer and is pondered silently as a form of meditation. By considering apparent paradoxes, you bypass the intellect and received knowledge and open your mind to all possibilities, freeing it to jump off at tangents, think intuitively, and Young at heart: dare to do a parachute jump to keep your spirit youthful. enjoy the refreshment of new perspectives. Ponder the mysteries of your own religious tradition, such as Christ’s miracles or the Sufi stories of Mullah Nasruddin.
232. Youthful Spirit Write your obituary
Write your obituary as it would read if you died tomorrow. Are you satisfied with your life? Rewrite it to reflect the life you thought you’d have when you were aged 12 or 21. Compare the two. What changes can you make to turn your current life into your wished-for life? Make practical plans to learn how to play an instrument, learn a new language, dance flamenco, or mountain climb.

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