forever young naturally exercise

Forever Young Naturally Exercise

31. Which Exercise Train to run a marathon
The average age for competitors in the London marathon is 39. Many older people embark upon a half or full marathon as an opportunity to prove to themselves and others that life truly does begin at 40, 50, or more. Completing the course is a great way to boost self-confidence when your peer group is struggling with midlife crises. If you are raising money for charity while you run, it makes your personal challenge all the more meaningful.
32. Which Exercise Rowing for good posture
Working out on water can be a source of sheer pleasure, especially in the early morning. Seek out a rowing club or kayak classes at your local pool or reservoir. Rowing is great for building strength while the body is supported and insists on good posture, which conditions the core muscles and works the heart and lungs.
33. Which Exercise Racket sports for
reaction times Tennis, badminton, and squash enhance coordination and reaction times and are a tonic for the brain, since it’s disadvantageous to your game to zone out while playing. Aside from the obvious benefits for heart and lungs, agility, and strength, belonging to a sports club is a boost to your psychological health since most welcome members to a range of social activities.
34. Which Exercise Cycling to get around
Exercise the heart and lungs while supporting the joints on a stationary bike as you watch TV or let your cycle be a means of transportation. Don a helmet, gloves and fluorescent clothing and appreciate how liberating it is to be freed from bus timetables and traffic jams. Don’t worry about inhaling pollutants—the health benefits of cycling outweigh the risks.
35. Which Exercise Look into local
fitness classes If you prefer to exercise with a teacher up front demonstrating what you need to do, join a fitness class at your local gym. Read the gym prospectus in advance to find out which classes suit your level of fitness: general toning classes for legs, butt and abs can be quite gentle, as can some classes involving fitness balls. Others, such as spinning, circuit training, boxing training, and cardio step, might require a good level of muscle strength and stamina. It’s a good idea to have a word with the instructor if you are not sure which class suits you.
36. Exercising the Brain
From the mid 20s, brain function starts to decline, although you may not notice this until decades later. New learning experiences help stop the rot by strengthening and extending the connections (and networks) in the brain that enable us to store memories and stay sharp. However bad your memory is now, mental aerobics, good nutrition and moderate physical activity can improve thinking and memory skills.
37. Exercising the Brain Cook with sage
Sage is traditionally associated with improving memory. Research has shown that people who take sage oil in capsule form before memory tests perform better than those who take a placebo. The purple variety is best use it to flavor roasts and sauces or make a cup of surprisingly drinkable tea.
38. Exercising the Brain Take ginkgo
The herb Ginkgo biloba has earned its reputation as a brain tonic because it has a beneficial effect on the peripheral blood circulation, improving blood supply to the brain. (It helps with hemorrhoids and varicose veins for the same reason.) Gingko is prescribed to dementia patients in France and Germany. Take as a herbal extract or tincture as prescribed by your herbalist or following instructions on the pack. Avoid if taking other medication.
39. Exercising the Brain Switch hands
Use your “wrong” hand to manipulate the mouse, brush teeth and hair, and open doors. This expands the circuits in the part of the brain that processes that hand.
40. Exercising the Brain Everyday mental challenges
Get into the habit of tackling a crossword or Sudoku puzzle most days. One study found that people who complete a crossword four times a week appeared to reduce their risk of dementia by 47 percent.

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