forever young naturally exercise

Forever Young Naturally Exercise

11. Working the Body Don’t rush
Don’t be anxious to speed through to the part of an exercise program you believe does you most good: sit-ups perhaps or yoga backbends. It might be more useful for your muscles, joints, and commitment to spend time in relaxation at the start of a yoga class releasing tense parts of the body toward the floor, or to devote adequate time to warming up in preparation for cardio work.
12. Working the Body Take breaks
If you exercise regularly, don’t be afraid to take time out for vacations and illness. Make sure you have one day of rest each week. Sometimes having a break allows us insights into new ways of working, and builds up enthusiasm when we feel jaded. If you are training very hard, for a marathon perhaps, be aware that you run the risk of depleting your immune system. In one study people who ran the Los Angeles marathon were six times more susceptible to a cold or the flu than those who exercised regularly but didn’t run the race.
13. Working the Body Keep hydrated
It’s important to keep hydrated during exercise as you get older. Even if you drink the recommended eight glasses of water a day, drink more after taking sweaty exercise to replace lost fluids.
14. Working the Body When there’s no time
If you feel you do not have enough time to exercise, try writing a schedule, blocking out time in your diary for fitness sessions as you would for a work meeting or doctor’s appointment. Consider that time sacred and don’t allow anything to eat into it. You owe it to yourself, your family, and your job to be good-natured, efficient, and focused, and exercise brings all these benefits.
15. Working the Body Warning signs
Stop exercising and seek medical advice if you suffer any of the following symptoms:
  • chest pain
  • back or pelvic pain
  • shortness of breath (mild breathlessness is good)
  • headaches and dizziness
  • muscle weakness or extreme fatigue
  • difficulty walking
  • calf pain or swelling
  • 16. Which Exercise
    The most effective way to ensure you work out consistently is to choose activities that make you feel positive and confident about yourself, and to train in a place convenient to home or work. If you struggle to keep up with your class or you have to travel miles, you find you run out of the willpower you need to drag yourself off the sofa.
    17. Which Exercise Taste first
    If you don’t find a form of exercise that suits you, you won’t stick with it. Try a few taster sessions before signing up to a course of lessons.
    18. Which Exercise Be daring
    Try a new activity once a month: if you enjoy dance, try a ballet workshop, or go for something completely not you, such as soccer. Dare yourself to try a sport you enjoy watching but have never plucked up courage to do surfing or skating, trampolining or climbing.
    19. Which Exercise Go with the seasons
    Keep the mind alert by varying activities with the seasons. Enjoy outdoor exercise on light summer evenings: find a tennis partner or join a softball team. In winter, cosset yourself in a cozy yoga class or warm up with an intimate salsa session.
    20. Which Exercise Dance for joie de vivre
    Bollywood to belly-dancing, samba to tango, line dancing to buttshaking street styles, dancing is the way to exercise without knowing you’re exercising. Learning and executing steps and working to complex rhythms exercises brain as well as muscles, and posture awareness becomes second nature.