forever young naturally exercise

Forever Young Naturally Exercise

1. Working the Body
By strengthening muscles and bones as the body ages, exercise sustains good posture, bone density, and joint mobility, which in turn keeps you active and able to exercise a positive spiral. And by boosting the efficiency of the cardiovascular system (heart and lungs), exercise helps every part of the body function efficiently.
2. Working the Body How often
Aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity most days of the week (at least five). To prevent weight gain, you might need to boost that time slot to 60 minutes. Two of those sessions should incorporate weight training. If you find it hard to make a full hour available, breaking sessions down into 10-minute time bands doesnít seem to reduce the health benefits.
3. Working the Body When not to exercise
Consult your doctor before beginning an exercise program, especially if you have a medical condition, back, muscle or joint problems, mobility limitations, or are exercising for the first time. Always tell exercise instructors about health problems. If you feel under the weather, have a fever or are coming down with the flu donít exercise. After a cold or the flu allow time for recovery before returning to the gym, and take it easy for the first few sessions. Donít try to work through injury: reduce your level of training for a couple of weeks or until you see improvement.
4. Working the Body Work with your doctor
Many family doctors prescribe exercise instead of medication as the first round of treatment for certain chronic health conditions. Ask your doctor about exercise programs run in association with a local gym or sports club.
5. Working the Body Build up slowly
Harness the enthusiasm to become superfit when it strikes, but donít launch wholeheartedly into hardcore aerobics sessions right away. If you are new to exercise, it might be better to search out a class specifically designed for older people yoga or aqua fitness is a good place to start and to take things easy, working to a level at which you feel comfortable. You can train to run a marathon or learn to do a headstand, but build up to it slowly.
6. Working the Body Time to enjoy
Some people like to jumpstart the day with a swim or early-bird yoga class. Others prefer to exercise in the late afternoon or early evening, when muscles are more supple, joints less creaky and coordination better. Find a time that suits you: the more you enjoy working out, the more likely it is that you will keep to your fitness resolutions.
7. Working the Body Work benefits
Find out if your workplace offers fitness facilities or discounts on gym membership. Many employees fail to use these perks simply because they donít know about them.
8. Working the Body Active leisure
Plan family time and business networking around physical activity. If you spend Saturday morning swimming or playing tennis with kids and one evening a week bowling or learning to dance with colleagues, everyone gains.
9. Working the Body Exercise outdoors
It can be joyous to exercise outdoors a boost for spirit as well as body. The feel-good buzz after exercising in nature leaves you feeling exhilarated, yet grounded and calm. Whenever possible, find an excuse to walk a clifftop path, go jogging at dawn, swim in the ocean, or practice yoga in the yard (upwardfacing poses take on another dimension when you stare at the sky). Find a tíai chi class that practices regularly in a park: gain courage from numbers.
10. Working the Body Four stage workout
For an effective workout make sure your exercise sessions include four main elements: a gentle warm-up followed by aerobic or cardiovascular exercise to work the heart and lungs, weight-bearing exercises to strengthen muscles and bones, and finally a cool down stretch and relaxation.

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