forever young naturally exercise

Forever Young Naturally Exercise

81. Build Exercise into Life
If exercising at the gym is just another chore you don’t have the energy or enthusiasm to keep up, squeeze opportunities for exercise into your home and work life. Walk don’t drive, use stairs instead of elevators, and take a brisk stroll at lunchtime. Spend weekends working in the yard. Harness the urge to spring clean or clutter-clear, scrubbing floors and painting walls to keep fit, and enjoy the feel-good mood that comes when endorphins are released by exercise.
82. Build Exercise into Life Stand up
Simply stand more to gain health benefits: researchers at the Mayo Clinic found that obese people sit for two and a half hours longer a day than those who are leaner.
83. Build Exercise into Life Toothbrush plié
Think about how you can build exercises into your daily routines. For example, here’s how to work the thighs and buttocks by doing a plié while brushing your teeth. Take a good step to the side, angling your feet outward. Hold the basin lightly for support and balance, if necessary. As you exhale, draw your tummy muscles toward your spine. As you inhale, lengthen your torso. On the next exhalation bend your knees over your toes. Hold for a few seconds, pulling up your pelvic floor muscles. Inhaling, straighten your legs back to the starting position. Repeat up to 12 times. Build up to three sets.
84. Build Exercise into Life Walking the dog
If you are a dog owner, you have no choice but to exercise every day. Dog walking is a great antiaging tonic, since it also involves socializing with other owners.
85. Build Exercise into Life Active commuting
Get off your bus or train one stop early and walk the rest of the trip. When the walk becomes easily do-able (as fitness levels improve), get off a stop earlier. Over a few weeks build up to a 20-minute walk before reaching work.
86. Build Exercise into Life Travel meditation
In Zen Buddhism zazen, “just sitting,” is a form of meditation in itself. Try it on the train or bus. Sit upright, palms on thighs. Soften your gaze, looking forward and down. Focus inside and follow your breath. Watch thoughts and sensations as an observer, aware of but disinterested in them.
87. Build Exercise into Life Make the most of lunchtime
Get outdoors every day for a brisk lunchtime stroll. A Canadian study suggests people who walk for 30 minutes at a time burn more fat and have lower tension levels than those who exercise in shorter bursts.
88. Build Exercise into Life Up your pace
Increase your pace when walking. Award yourself a point for every person you overtake and deduct one for anyone who overtakes you. Within reason, set yourself a higher tally target each week.
89. Build Exercise into Life Using stairs
When you first walk up the stairs at work, in department stores, and in subways notice how your heart and breathing race. After using stairs regularly for a few weeks, chart your progress your breathing will be less ragged and your heart will pound less.
90. Build Exercise into Life Start fidgeting
Research shows that fidgeters who move around a great deal, tapping toes, walking to the water cooler, and pacing while they think tend to lead more active lives and are leaner as a result. Cultivate a few fidgets.

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