forever young naturally exercise

Forever Young Naturally Exercise

201. Building Energy Energizing breath
Lie with your hands resting on your belly. Scan your body to check how you feel. As you breathe in, picture energy recharging an energy reservoir deep inside your abdomen. Take a minute or two to charge up this well of energy fully. On an out-breath, exhale energy from this store to your peripheries— your hands, feet, and brain—and to areas of the body that feel weak, achy, dense and unresponsive. Work for 3–5 minutes. Stop and sense how recharged you feel.
202. Building Energy Engage the tan tien
When exercising, walking, cycling, or lifting, feel movement begin in the energy center located in the center of the belly. This can transform posture and energy levels. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, this area is regarded as one of the body’s main wells of energy and is known as the tan tien.
203. Building Energy Swap places
Most people in exercise classes choose a particular spot and stick to it week in, week out. In your next class go to the front if you usually haunt the back row, or move left or right. See what difference it makes to your energy levels and focus.
204. Building Energy Reviving exercise
If you are feeling sluggish in the afternoons or after work, try a little reviving exercise by taking a swift walk or jog around the block. Expending energy in exercise helps maintain energy levels because it expands the ability of the heart to pump oxygenated blood around the body.This in turn increases your ability to process and use oxygen, an ability which declines with age, even if you are otherwise fit and healthy.
205. Building Energy Capture the sun’s energy
Meditate outdoors as the sun rises. Imagine the sun filling a reservoir of energy within you that will keep you going throughout the day.
206. Building Energy Backward walking
When you have been concentrating on work for hours and nothing makes sense any longer, take a walk backward for a few paces. This can be enough to stun the brain into fresh responses.
207. Building Energy Ear massage
Squeeze and release the ear between thumb and index finger, working from the lobe up the side and around to where the ear meets the scalp. If you find points of tension, gently apply pressure. Finally, roll the lobe between finger and thumb and give it a few swift tugs. Repeat on the other ear.
208. Building Energy Hair tugs
For instant awakening, tap fingertips lightly over your scalp, from front to back. Twist handfuls of hair around index fingers and give them a light tug, working back from your forehead and temples to the nape of your neck.
209. Building Energy Alertness at the wheel
Inhaling cinnamon is associated with improved alertness while driving, suggests research at a university in West Virginia. Place 2 drops of essential oil on a handkerchief and keep handy during journeys.
210. Building Energy Sealing in energy
After yoga or meditation, lie on your back, legs wider than hip-width apart, toes dropping outward, arms away from your side, palms upward. Close your eyes and follow your breathing until you feel calm. Imagine there is a piece of chalk by your left big toe. Picture drawing a protective white outline around your body with the chalk. Work up your inner left leg very slowly, around your right leg and arm, over your head, and back down to your starting point by your left big toe. Lie in your chalk mark feeling secure in the knowledge that no energy can escape.

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