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Small Things That Can Bring You Joy

Small Things That Can Bring You Joy
Talk to a Stranger
Send Snail Mail to a Friend
Watch the Sun Rise
Go to the Theater
Power Down Your Gadgets
Go Shopping
Try Something New
Spend Time With Your Favorite Canine
Practice Forgiveness
Create Something Artistic
Keep a Journal
Get a Houseplant
Give Thanks
Breathe Deeply
Do Some Spring Cleaning
Take a 30 Minute Walk
Go Outside
Join a Team
Do a Good Deed
Get a Good Nights Rest
Make a Gigantic To Do List
Stop and Smell the Roses
Read a Novel
Light a Candle
Go to the Museum
Sing Your Heart Out
Organize Your Bedroom
Get Some Fresh Air
Take a Yoga Class
Surround Yourself With the Color Blue
Soak Up the Sun
Take a Power Nap
Eat Breakfast
Reflect on Your Daily Accomplishments
Take Pride in Your Appearance
Log Off Facebook
Let Your Imagination Run Wild
Sit Up Straight
Practice Positive Affirmations
Give Back to Your Community
Savor Good Memories
Be an Optimist
Touch Your Toes
Give More Hugs
Work With Your Hands
Dont Worry About What Others Think of You
Shower Yourself With Self Love
Live in the Moment
Be on Time
Stop Saying I m Sorry
Hug Yourself
Drink More Water
Take a Warm Bath
Listen to Running Water
Eat More Fruits and Vegetables
Listen to Music
Appreciate a Work of Art
Let Go of Anger
Spend Time With Friends and Family
Buy Now Enjoy Later
Dont Let Credit Card Bills Hang Over Your Head
Dont Worry About Coming in First
Earn Your Indulgences
Take Risks
Dont Over Indulge
Pop in a Sappy Movie
Read the Newspaper
Be Spontaneous
Take a Hot Shower
Eat More Steak
Draw Your Favorite Junk Foods
Play in the Dirt
Dont Eat Lunch at Your Desk
Make the Bed
Assert Your Power
Spend Time With Happy people
Seal Off Your Dissatisfactions
Write a List of Every Single Amazing Thing You ve Seen and Done
Give More Compliments
Practice Monogamy
Write Down Your Aspirations
Make Time for Yourself
Grow Your Own Vegetables
Drink More Tea
Stop Drinking Soda
Stop Procrastinating
Eat More Legumes
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