benefits of passion fruits

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Passion fruit

Benefits of Passion fruits

Passion fruit

Passion fruit, also known as purple granadilla, is an egg shaped fruit with wrinkle skin and green pulp-like flesh. This fruit is widely grown in tropical and sub-tropical countries. Due to its distinct aroma and sweet taste, it is primarily used for juicing. This juice is also frequently added to other fruit drinks, ice-creams, cakes, sodas etc to impart flavour. Besides cooling the body in summers, passion fruit juice has several health benefits as it is highly nutritious.

Improve Immunity
Rich in beta carotene
Fight against diseases
Great Dietary Aid for Weight Loss
Improve Sleep quality
Improves digestion
Colon Cleanser
Increase Blood production
Valuable food medicine
Improved Circulation
Have a Passion Fruit Relaxation Effect
Bone Health and Mineral Density
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