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Victorias Less Than Royal Childhood

Queen Victoria

Victoria was Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland from 20 June 1837 .
Victorias Less Than Royal Childhood

King George IV, whose only legitimate child had died in childbirth, was resentful of his brothers daughter. He begrudgingly allowed Victoria and her mother to move into an apartment at Kensington Palace, but would only approve a small allowance. The duchesss brother, Prince Leopold (later King Leopold of Belgium), agreed to pay for Victorias upbringing and education.Tutors were hired to school Victoria in history, math, drawing, and languages. Raised by a German mother who spoke little English, Victoria spoke mostly German the first few years of her life, but readily learned both English and French.In 1827, when Victoria was eight, her Uncle Frederick, the Duke of York, died, placing her one step closer to the throne.

Early Life
Royal disease
Death and Legacy
Victorias Childhood
The Royal Offspring
The Death of Prince Albert
She proposed to her husband Prince Albert and not vice versa
She was barely five feet tall
Heir to the Crown
Courtship and Marriage
Later Years
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