hand embroidery designs

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Counted Cross Stitch on Needle and Thread

Hand Embroidery designs

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Counted Cross Stitch on Needle and Thread

Counted cross stitch is an embroidery technique that uses cross stitches to create the picture being stitched. It is worked on even weave fabric. The even weave of the fabric corresponds to the gridded pattern that determines the placement of the stitches.In the US, counted cross stitch has enjoyed unparalleled popularity when compared to most other types of needlework. Most needlework shops in this country cater primarily to counted cross stitch and secondarily to needlepoint. There are few needlework shops the inventories of which do not include a heavy focus on counted cross stitch.In recent years, a resurgence of interest in historical samplers has given rise to the popularity of beautiful designs that are reminiscent of historic needlework.
European styles of cross stitch (and other needlework adapted to cross stitch) have also become very popular. In samplers, counted cross stitch is often combined with other stitches and with other types of needlework, such as drawn thread work. These combinations have been beneficial to both the look of cross stitch (which has become more intricate) and the skill of the needleworker.

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