hand embroidery designs

Hand Embroidery

Hand Embroidery designs

hand embroidery, embroidery patterns and chicken scratch.
Hand Embroidery

Hand embroidery is any type of needlework that is done without a machine. It can be embroidery or cross stitch. Hand embroidered pieces are usually made on a piece of material with a pattern outlined on it. Some people may embroider freestyle, using material that does not have a printed pattern.Any type of fabric can be embroidered, from silk to canvas. For beginners, small, woven cotton pieces, such as handkerchiefs or dish towels, are the best materials for learning. Look for fabric with a weave that is easy to see, as you will need to do some precise stitching to get the best results.Hand embroidery uses various sized needles. Needle size depends on thread size and material size. Fabric materials have a count, which refers to the number of holes per inch. Aida 14 has 14 holes per inch. It can hold 14 crosses per inch for cross stitching.

There are many types of material for both embroidery and cross stitching the type of material used is usually dictated by the project. The higher the number of holes per inch, the smaller each individual stitch and the more thread it takes to complete a project. Hand embroidery designs are printed on various counts of material. Check the label to find out the count.You will also need a selection of embroidery floss for stitching. This is the thread that is stitched to complete the design, and it is available in a wide array of colors and thicknesses. Printed designs include numbers for the different colors of floss, so all you need to do is match the numbers to get the right colors for a project.

Drawn Thread Embroidery on Needle and Thread
Colbert Embroidery on Needle and Thread
Silk Ribbon Embroidery on Needle and Thread
Stumpwork on Needle and Thread
Needle Lace
Schwalm Embroidery on Needle and Thread
Mountmellick Embroidery on Needle and Thread
Cutwork on Needle and Thread
Surface Free Style Hand Embroidery on Needle and Thread
Jacobean Embroidery on Needle and Thread
Blackwork on Needle and Thread
Crazy Quilting on Needle and Thread
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