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Have a Scavenger Hunt

Valentines Day Games

Have fun this Valentine's Day with our collection of Valentine's Day games and activities.
Have a Scavenger Hunt

I remember having a lot of fun doing scavenger hunts in the mall when I was younger. You can set up your own scavenger hunt for your kids, spouse, or friends as a way of telling them the many ways you love them. All you need to do is hide candy, notes, or flowers around your home in meaningful places with clues to find additional surprises. For example, you might have a clue that leads your kids to the place where you read their bedtime story. When they get there, they will find a small gift and a clue to the next location.

Licorice Race
Dedicate a romantic song to your sweetheart
Cook Heart Shaped Foods
Truth or Dare
Take a Valentine s Day Bath
Love Pictionary
A Special Valentine Message
Cupid Says
Valentine Dance Moves
Play Darts
Valentine Word Scramble
Make Some Fun Valentines Day Treats
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