ways to reduce your impact

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Energy Efficiency Rebates

Ways to Reduce Your Impact

Instructable to detail many different ways to reduce your impact.
Energy Efficiency Rebates

Contact your energy provider, and inquire about rebates for being energy efficient. PECO is selling CFLs to their customers for a half off price. Just inquire, and you never know. Pass this on to your friends. One person cannot make a big change, we need thousands. And to do this, we need to raise the awareness of being energy efficient, and the astounding effects it can have on a community. Thank you so much for reading about how to become more energy efficient.

Green Cleaning
Turn off the lights when you leave the room
Low Wattage is good wattage
Cold water cycle
Use a line to dry your clothes
Smooth Driving
Dont use so much detergant
Turn off the pilot flame of your gas furnace in the summer
Make a Compost pile
Buy Organic
Purchase recyclable toys
Reusable Coffee Filters
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