ways to reduce your impact

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Recycle your junk mail

Ways to Reduce Your Impact

Instructable to detail many different ways to reduce your impact.
Recycle your junk mail

As a future college student, my brother, my sister, and I receive about 5 letters a day regarding colleges. We usually do not read most of them because most are either too far away, or we are interested in those colleges. Recycle those letters! Don t throw them away Contact your local recycling center, and ask them if they have any tips on recycling, and junk mail recycling. Ask them about electronics recycling days, or pickups. Throwing out old electronics is dangerous, and they would usually just end up in a landfill. Don t let that happen, ask your recycling center how to recycle them the right way.

Recycle your junk mail
Make sure your tires are inflated
Dont let your water continue running
Use rechargeable batteries
Reusable Coffee Filters
Make a Compost pile
Contact elected officials
Turn off the pilot flame of your gas furnace in the summer
Donate old clothes to charity
Clean the lint screen
Cremation instead of a burial
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