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Vamsa Lochana

Ayurvedic Medicine

Vamsa Lochana

Bamboo manna, the inner pith of bamboo (E), Vamsa-locana (H):

Although all parts of the bamboo are used, in Ayurveda true Vamsa lochana is found inside the hollow bamboo at the internodes as a silica-like secretion. Vam. s´alocana literally means 'bamboo eye', referring to the exudates of the silica appearing through an eye-like crack in the bamboo. Its rarity is due to the difficulty of its harvest. It is especially good at clearing lung infections.

Lungs Cough from high kapha and pitta indicated by an infected cough producing yellow- green sputum, which may be blood-streaked; asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia. It enters rasa dhatu and helps to clear fevers from ama and pitta in the plasma. It has nourishing and tonic properties that help to repair and strengthen lung tissue. Heart As a rejuvenative to avalambaka kapha it has cardioprotective qualities and is used with signs of chest pain, heaviness and congested blood flow. Bleeding Its haemostatic effect on rakta dhatu make it a useful herb to include as a part of a formula for bleeding from high pitta anywhere in the body. Urine Its diuretic effect on mutravahasrotas can help with cloudy and concentrated urine with a pungent smell due to high pitta. It also benefits dysuria from high vata.

Vamsa Lochana
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Ayurvedic Medicine