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Surpanakha s episode


Surpanakha s episode

In the forest Rama, Lakshmana and Sita meet Surpanakha-the sister of King Ravana. Surpanakha is charmed by the good looks of Rama who tells her that he is already married to Sita. She now approaches Lakshmana who is not interested in her. When she coaxes him further, he gets angry and chops off her nose and ears. Surpanakha cries in front of her brother Ravana, the king of Lanka and he promises to take revenge.

Ramayana The Hindu Epic
Ahalya s rebirth
Rama s birth
Sita Swayamvara
Bharata s love for Ram
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Vibheeshana becomes the king of Lanka
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Surpanakha s episode
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